KENBEE Sports Sox Laboratory

The Strongest Sox GAISOKU

Industry's first! If the thumb breaks within 1 month after arrival of the item... exchange for FREE!


Thorough Reinforcement by Special Super Strong Fiber!

Secret of Strongest Part1 SUPER STRONG

To use fibers processed with proprietary technology, The strength of the whole socks is about TWICE the strength of other companies! Moreover...

Secret of Strongest Part2 HIGH QUALITY


Fit naturally to your feet, Keep comfort, Prevent shape collapse! Moreover...

Special fiber with excellent elasticity,【LYCRA】!

Technical capabilities of skilled craftsmen, Latest knitting machine with High performance, Integrated manufacturing system in own factory. Moreover...

Secret of Strongest Part3 MADE IN JAPAN

Domestically Technical capabilities cultivated over 60 years!

made by 日本ニット